Tuesday, 14 February 2012

School Bullies Take Over.

These girls don't take any prisoners, they don't need to. they wreak havoc on their classmates, teachers and strangers alike. Female, male, they don't care, if you aren't one of the Class5B girls you are far less superior in their opinion.

These pics are a mixture of video stills and photographs from some of the recent updates... for more previews, free pics and video previews go to CLASS5B.COM

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Miss April

Miss April is a lovely up and coming Femdom who thoroughly enjoys ruling over the inferior sex. With a seemingly innocent persona she surprises our slaves by proving an innocent look doesn't men an innocent mind. One to watch...

See more at YoungDommes, including the clip of her smoking outside, with the cars going past as she uses a slave as an ashtray.

Introducing Miss Amy

Now we girls here at YoungDommes know you losers loveeeee to look at pretty, Dominant girls. And today we have a special treat with pictures of new girl Miss Amy. Delectably gorgeous with a bubbly, fun, personality and a penchant for abusing slaves. Keep your eyes peeled for this one...

See the fully gallery, and clips of Miss Amy in action at YoungDommes. Best of young British Bitches.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Bitches with whips.

Hung Like Pork
Before the girls arrived at the meet, Megan & Gemma hung this pig by its ankles in the garden. It is January and its cold so this was torturous enough, but when Mistress Ely and Miss Pixie arrive and make it lick the garden filth from their shoes whilst lashing into it with a riding crop the pig almost starts crying. The girls have turned its rump purple by the time Miss April and Miss Amy come out to see what has taken them so long. The slave is then left there for a further 30 minutes.

As you should know by now, this and hundreds more daily updated femdom clips and vids can be found at YoungDommes the UK's best in young female domination.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

YoungDommes.co.uk Twitter Competition

That's right -you can win a months pass to http://www.youngdommes.co.uk. all you have to do is FOLLOW @youngdommes on twitter and post a status telling you why you LOVE young Dommes.

1. Must be following to obtain prize.
2. Must have #FreeFemdom and @youngdommes included in the status.
3. A maximum of 3 entries per person, per pass.
4. The comp is open to ANYONE, male or female, Dom or sub or vanilla.

We have 3 passes to give away over the next week - so get tweeting!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Class5B New Design

Class5b.com has have a revamp! The new design fits in with our young, fresh outlook on FemDom and school uniform fetish. We've made it much quicker to load, implemented new trailers, now viewable in HiRes, upped our photo sizes, and will be including more fetishes over the next few months.

Feedback from our recent survey with Miss Kimberley on the site has told us a lot about what our members want to see. Good piggies.

To celebrate the new look I'm even giving you a few free pics from recent updates - No need to thank me slave, I KNOW you appreciate it *Wank wank wank*

Remember there are more FREE HiRes pics on the site Click Bitches

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Chastity Chance Of A Lifetime

We are offering 3 website members the chance to have their revolting dicks locked away in chastity by the girls of YoungDommes.co.uk and Class5b.com. That's right losers, the chance to have your little cock controlled by the girls, not even knowing which of the girls has the key.

There are a few clauses, of course. To maximise the enjoyment for the ladies, you must be happy to attend a YoungDommes Video shoot to be locked in, and another to potentially be released. Potentially piggy. There will be no set time for the period in which you will stay in chastity, but it will be a minimum of one month. To be released you will be expected to come along to one of the meets and vie against the other 2 chastity slaves to see who will earn their release.

You will see the girls wearing your keys on videos and in pictures on the sites, mocking and laughing at you to further your humiliation.

This will be open from 01/10/11 to 31/10/11 and you must be an active website member during that time to apply. The application will appear on this blog on 01/10/11 so keep your eyes peeled slaves.

We girls cannot wait, the things you'll have to do to earn that key....